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y2mate everyone knows about that name. The best youtube to mp3 converter online and youtube mp4 videos downloader as well. In 2020 the website was banned in us due to copyright issues but many of its mirrors still running and you can download your video to mp3 and youtube to mp4 as well. For users who use it in India have the power of freely use without goes to any mirror sites.

It is the very simple and easy-to-use interface to convert youtube videos to mp3. You need have to put a youtube video link in the input bar and video processing will start after you click on the download button. Below you will find many options and formats to download from. you can convert videos to mp3 and to mp4 as well. Hello and welcome to our blog Gadgetsore.com and today I’ll show you the best possible way to download and convert videos to mp3. So let’s dig in deep and find the profitable gem. Read our detailed article on the best youtube downloader and converter tools online in 2021.

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y2mate is an online youtube video and audio downloader and mp3, mp4 converter. Official youtube has the option to save video but the video is not saved in our device storage. If you want to download your video and also want to convert it to mp3 then it is the best choice you have in 2021. Please also check our best youtube to mp3 converter online tools absolutely free.

There are many features and formats available to download and convert videos. You need only to do simple steps to download your file. I’ll tell you the best and easy steps to follow and also introduce to you the best features of y2mate. Let’s take step by step guide.

How To Download Youtube Videos From Y2mate

It is very simple to download youtube videos from y2mate com. You only need to have the youtube video link that you want to download. After that, you have to go to the its official website and paste the video link in the input bar. Press the start button and choose the formats from below to download and convert your video.

Go to youtube:

Go to Youtube.com and find the desired video or movies that you want to download.

Copy the link:

Copy the link from the address bar default located at the top of the web browser.

copy youtube link

Open new tab and go to y2mate com:

Now you need to open a new tab in your chrome or any browser and paste the link into the address bar. You can open a new tab by simply press the ctrl+t shortcut in chrome.

y2mate com

Now you have to paste the copied link in the input bar of the y2mate downloader. Simply press ctrl+v and paste your link. Now click on the start button.

input bar

Choose the format of mp3 and mp4 to download and convert.

You will find various format options below of input bar after a click on the start button. If you want to convert your video to mp3 in y2mate just simple choose mp3 format from the dropdown menu and click on download. Users who want to download videos in mp4 and other forms can also download by given options.

available formats

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y2mate Most Usable Features.

A Great website has many great features and a smooth user experience. y2mate is one of the best youtube downloader and converter website because they provide very fast downloading and converting speed. No registration is required and users do not have to pay any penny. All of it is free and will be forever.

  • No registration required
  • unnlimited downloads
  • Almost all popular formats
  • Convert online video to mp3
  • Fasr downloading and converting speed
  • Easy download with “pp”

No registration for downloading and converting

Many online youtube video downloading and converting tools force users to signup to their website before using it. After that, we found nothing in the name of service but only a bunch of spam emails in our inbox. But y2mate does not depend on it the website tells its feature by itself. Users have the freedom to access the downloading and converting service without signup. You can simply download the videos in just 5 seconds.

Unlimited Downloads and Converts

You can download youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, and many other social videos from it as many as you want. There is no limit to downloading and converting videos. If you want to convert videos in mp3 format then y2mate is the best fit for your choice. 4K Download option is also available in it but it’s very on the video to video. You don’t have to pay any bucks to download and convert videos. Just paste the link and download unlimited videos with just one click.

If you want to save your social video as mp4, WMV, Avi, and another format then you can directly do it with this online converter. Just paste the link of your video and click on the start button and you will find all supported formats for your video to download. Users can convert Facebook videos to mp4 format. Some of the users want to convert videos to mp3 to do this just toggle in the mp3 tab after pasting the link and clicking on the start button, from here you can convert your videos as mp3 and save it to your device.

Fast Downloading and Converting Speed

y2mate provides the best downloading and converting speed to its users for free. You can convert your video to audio in seconds and save it to your device. You can also download your Facebook and youtube videos in 4k format. FullHD and 720p options are also available to download for videos. If you are seeking a good and fast video to mp3 converter and also want to download social videos then this is the best place for you.

Download With pp

If you do not want to copy-paste the link and other tab-opening stuff then you can easily download your youtube videos by simply adding “pp” without quotes. I’ll explain you by example:-

This is the youtube video’s default URL – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3F3D-2PO0_g&ab_channel=INTER

After adding the “pp” the URL looks like – https://www.youtubepp.com/watch?v=3F3D-2PO0_g&ab_channel=INTER

Hit enter after adding pp and boom you are redirected to the y2mate homepage with the video you want to download. Now just simply select the format to download the video and save it to your device.

y2mate Chrome Extension

Another great feature of y2mate is the google chrome extension. You can easily download all your favorite videos from youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, and other platforms.

y2mate chrome extension

Install Tempermonkey chrome extension

y2mate tampermonkey chrome extension installation step 1

To download the chrome extension have to need to visit the official website. You can find the google chrome extension link in the button right corner with the floating option. Just click on that and you will redirect to y2mate’s another confirmation tab. From here you have to click on the tempermonkey link. It takes you to google web extension store. you will see tempermonkey extension there. Now click on add to chrome and tempermonkey extension successfully installed in your browser.

Install y2mate converter button

y2mate extension installation step 2

Now you need to go back to y2mate’s homepage again click on the download google chrome extension button. Click on it and a new tab will be open or click on it to visit the page directly. Now go to the second option and click on install now under the y2mate converter button option. you will redirect to tempermonkey script installation wizard. Now just click on the install button and your converter button is successfully added to the youtube website. To download videos just click on the download button and you will redirect to the homepage with your video.

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Y2mate APK Download.

You can also download the y2mate apk on your mobile and use it on your mobile at a blazing fast speed. This application is not available at playstore because of copyright issues. You can save apk from its official website and install it on your device. To install the apk you must have enabled the “install from unknown sources” option in the smartphone’s setting option. After enabling this option just click on the apk you downloaded you can find your downloaded apk in the file manager’s download folder. The apk starts installing after you click on it. After that use this apk and download your favorite video and enjoy.

Final Verdict

y2mate is a great online tool to convert video to mp3 and so on. It has many useful features to download and convert videos. Videos from Facebook, Youtube, or any other platform can be easily downloaded with this great online tool. it is free and always will be. Not no need to signup just paste the link and convert your videos. I hope you have found some informative knowledge. Thank you for coming and see you in the next article.

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