Sleeping Woman’s Eyelids Lifted to Unlock Phone, Steal $24K

Facial recognition is becoming a standard security feature on smartphones, but it’s far from perfect as a case of theft in China has revealed.

As Vice reviews, a 28-year-old Chinese man whose surname is Huang visited his ex-girlfriend (surname Dong) in the southern city of Nanning in Dec this past year on the premise of returning some borrowed money. Dong was sick, so Huang made her some food, provided her cold medication, and let her rest.

Once asleep, he proceeded to put her finger on her behalf smartphone display screen and opened her eyelids to permit facial identification to unlock the handset. Huang then used the unlocked mobile phone to transfer around $24,000 from her accounts to his own using Alipay. Then left, taking the telephone with him.

The inevitable occurred and Dong reported her ex-boyfriend to the authorities and acquired the transfer details as proof what he’d done. It had taken until April this season to monitor him down in another city, but Huang is currently facing almost four years in jail and an excellent of $3,100. Evidently Alipay will compensate Dong for the theft, although there has been no confirmation she’ll get most of her cash back.

Facial recognition is effective as a security measure if, for example, your phone is stolen. Nonetheless it falls down when security has been breached by someone you trust that has you in a reducing position. The answer? Enable multiple authentication options on your mobile phone that want you to be mindful to use, for example, getting into a passcode. This will also be considered a wake-up call to mobile phone manufacturers that cosmetic (and fingerprint) identification must be improved to the main point where it can identify if an individual is conscious.

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