First Look: Dell’s ‘Concept Pari’ Is a Webcam You Can Mount in the Middle of Your Screen

Dell showed off a bunch of future-looking Computer and workspace principles at its preview event for CES 2022. (Have a look at our first look at “Concept Luna,” a fresh paradigm for recyclable and upgradable laptops.) Information of the real-world products must await the new calendar year, but one of the very most intriguing unveiled prior to the show is a moveable web cam prototype, dubbed “Idea Pari.”

Webcams, of course, have grown to be sudden hardware superstars through the COVID-19 pandemic, numerous millions of people now working from home and spending their times (and, sometimes, evenings) interacting remotely over tone of voice and video phone calls. Web cam technology and form factor, though, haven’t transformed much. Occasionally, manufacturers (especially of laptops) have elevated the resolutions of web cam sensors, but web cam designs have continued to be mainly the same.

Enter Concept Pari, a cylindrical, moveable wifi webcam. Its killer feature: With certain supported monitors, the body of the cam can stick directly onto your monitor’s display, and that means you can stare right through the onscreen image into the eyes of the other party or parties. We know, we know: That camera placement sounds obstructive, and you may question the point of it all. But a live demo convinced us that it’s a pretty neat idea.

A Webcam That Makes Eye Contact Easy

Dell's new webcam concept Pari hands-on - YouTube

Let’s online backup first. Concept Pari is not really a for-sale product at this time, simply a prototype, though one which looks much nearer to truth than almost every other principles we typically see at confirmed CES. The camera body, as designed, can sit down in a charging dock/mounting cradle on top of your monitor, situated just like a normal webcam. But you can lift away the lens housing, a small cylinder, with ease. It’s a 1080p camera with integrated mics, and it weighs just an ounce. And it’s totally wireless, sending its 1080p feed over Wi-Fi.

The butt end of the camera (the one opposite the lens) is magnetic, and (as long as the monitor allows) can be attached to the display directly. This way, if you’re in a video call, you can reposition the lens on the display right next to the (virtual) face of the person you’re speaking to.

Doing this goes a long way toward looking like you’re keeping eye contact when you look at the face of the person you’re talking to. Yes, the camera module can slightly block your view of a small part of the display, but the Concept Pari cam is fairly small, and in a video call, we gamble that much, if not most, display space is likely empty background. You can position the Pari camera where it makes the most sense onscreen, to approximate looking the other person in the eye as you’re watching them speak.

Everyone who has ever done a video call knows that looking at the person you’re talking to means staring at the monitor, with the actual camera lens several ins above your eyes. (This is even more pronounced on large screens and with desktop Personal computers, versus with laptop webcams.) Looking into the camera lens can counteract this, but then you’re looking away from the display and missing facial expressions and cues as the other party talks, which isn’t normal for conversations. That’s a small thing, perhaps, and will bother some users more than others. Pari is a simple solution.

Pari on Your Screen, or in a Stand

First Look: Dell's 'Concept Pari' Is a Webcam You Can Mount in the Middle  of Your Screen | PCMag

The Pari camera device can be charged and kept in the monitor-top dock/cradle, which is USB-C powered and charges the camera wirelessly if it is docked. You can even flip the camera cylinder around backward you should definitely in use, therefore the zoom lens is facing the trunk of the cradle, for personal privacy.

Dell also showed off a little vertical table stand, which means you can hang up the camera facing down at the desk. If you want to showcase, say, physical paperwork, something, or drawings, you can get the camera, stick it upon this stand, and showcase your items with two hands at a perfect angle, as the camera remains continuous.

It’s easy to assume the usage situations, and if you’re skeptical of putting a camera directly on your display screen, where it could block a little of your view, know it blends in during a call once you place it. The difference in camera angle between being in the center of monitor, and many ins above that point, is large.

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